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arkadaşlar bu tarz filmlere ilgi duyanlar çok olsa gerek.ben de seviyorum bu filmleri.derlenmiş olan bu listeyi paylaşayım istedim.sadece derlemedir gözden kaçan olabilir.ayrıca sıralama en iyiden başladığı anlamına gelmesin.

1. Cool Hand Luke (1967, USA)
The quintessential charismatic-con-against-the-world movie. Iconic.
2. Le Trou / The Hole (1960, France)
Four men, an outsider and a tunnel. Magnifique.
3. The Shawshank Redemption (1994, USA)
Fairytale escape saga. Wonderfully produced with deserved, broad appeal. And the narration!
4. Forbrydelser / In Your Hands (2004, Denmark)
Harrowing story of an unworthy prisoner who has special gifts, and a chaplain who needs them.
5. Brubaker (1980, USA)
Undercover warden unearths corruption. Prisoners unearth interred colleagues.
6. Carandiru (2003, Brazil)
Almost certainly the best Brazilian riot movie you'll ever see.
7. Women’s Prison (2002, Iran)
A portrait of the changes in one prisoner and the prison Governor over 17 years in the same prison.
8. Stir (1980, Australia)
Keenly observed film of the '74 Bathurst riot, and the best Australian prison movie by a long shot.
9. Un Prophète / A Prophet (2009, France)
Terrific, gritty tale of a young man captured by big-time organised crime operations in prison.
10. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (1962, UK)
Brooding borstal boy runs. From Police. But most of all, for himself.
11. The Visit (2001, USA)
A powerful story of shame, guilt, resentment and, ultimately, redemption.
12. Celda 211 / Cell 211 (2009, Spain)
Terrific thriller about a new guard getting caught up in a riot. And hoping to get out alive.
13. Kiss of the Spider Woman (1985, Brazil / USA)
Two men, one cell, and a fantasy life meets the harsh reality of political detention.
14. Riot in Cell Block 11 (1954, USA)
Classic riot movie shot at Folsom Prison.
15. Stone (2010, USA)
16. Vier Minuten / Four Minutes (2006, Germany)
Old, dry self-loather teaches piano to young, angry self-harmer.
17. Leonera / Lion's Den (2008, Argentina)
Honestly shot story of a woman trying to hang on to her child in custody.
18. Hunger (2008, UK)
The IRA's Bobby Sands starves himself to death in the Maze Prison in 1981. Provocative and beautifully shot.
19. Doing Time (2002, Japan)
A gentle, wistful account of submission to institutionalisation.
20. Jailbait (2003, USA)
Harrowing film about a fresh-faced kid and an imposing lifer, sharing the one cell. Enough said.
21. Greenfingers (2000, UK)
A gentle comedy that says some important things about reintegration and community acceptance.
22. Against the Wall (1993, USA)
The 1971 Attica riot from the perspective of a new prison guard.
23. Eduart (2006, Greece)
Young murderer discovers the meaning of guilt in an Albanian prison.
24. Dame Sobh / Day Break (2005, Iran)
Gripping story of a murderer's agonising wait to learn whether he is to be executed.
25. Dog Pound (2010, Canada / France)
Grim, depressing account of an out-of-control youth facility.
26. L'Aria Salata / Salty Air (2006, Italy)
Prison worker comes face-to-face with his father, a prisoner, after 20 years. And keeps schtum.
27. The Green Mile (1999, USA)
The best magical-giant-in-prison movie ever.
28. Beyond Re-animator (2003, Spain)
Riotous, fun-filled schlock-horror with plenty of blood and gore. And a riot.
29. The Escapist (2008, UK / Ireland)
A film of twists and turns that doesn't quite know to which side of the Atlantic it belongs.
30. Slam (1998, USA)
Surprisingly good film of a young rapper finding freedom, of sorts, in prison.
31. Eu când vreau să fluier, fluier / If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle (2010, Romania / Sweden)
Young prisoner self-destructs within days of his release.
32. Une Part du Ciel / A Piece of Sky (France / Belgium / Luxembourg, 2002)
Slow moving but powerful look at oppressed and exploited women - in and out of prison.
33. Life (1995, Australia)
Prisoners in a unit for men with HIV/AIDS deal with their Life sentences
34. Selda / The Inmate (2007, Philippines)
Two men in a love affair that's part prison flick, part art house, part misery porn, part Brokeback Mountain.
35. Scum (1979, UK)
Unrelentingly grim tale of boys behaving badly.
36. Lucky Break (2001, UK)
Romantic comedy with an Irishman, his counsellor, an escape plot and a strange moral centre.
37. Me'Ahorei Hasoragim / Beyond the Walls (1984, Israel).
Jewish prisoners and PLO terrorists managed side-by-side in an Israeli prison. Uneasily, it must be said.
38. Porridge (1979, UK)
Comfortable as the top bunk in a snug cell: Norman Stanley Fletcher, Mr Mackay and plenty of witty repartee.
39. Attica (1980, USA)
A worthy, even-handed look at the 1971 Attica riot.
40. Duvar / The Wall (1983, Turkey)
What Midnight Express did for Turkish prisons, this time the Turks do to themselves.
41. I Love You Phillip Morris (2009, USA)
True story of a prisoner escaping jail, several times, to be with his gay lover whom he met in jail.
42. Escape from Alcatraz (1979, USA)
Faithful - or so it seems - account of the famous 1962 escape bid that just might have succeeded.
43. In the Name of the Father (1993, UK)
The complex challenges faced by two of the Guildford Four - to prove their innocence, and reconcile as father and son.
44. Dead Man Walking (1995, USA)
A committed nun fulfills her Christian duty by visiting a young, most unlovable murderer on death row.
45. Un Chant D’Amour (1950, France)
Extraordinary film about imprisoned men's longing for intimacy - in 26 soundless minutes.
46. Bronson (2009, UK)
Compelling portrait of Britain's most violent prisoner as cabaret artist and monster.
47. Jail (2009, India)
An innocent man struggles in prison. Supposedly India's answer to The Shawshank Redemption.
48. My Six Convicts (1952, USA)
Decent flick of the Donald Powell Wilson autobiography - a prison psychologist and his six inmate helpers.
49. Prison on Fire (1987, Hong Kong)
Surprisingly, not about a prison on fire, but about the bond between a greenhorn and an old hand.
50. Captives (1994, UK)
Beautiful dentist falls for a bit of rough, in the best British tradition.
51. Stranger Inside (2001, USA)
Young prisoner seeks out her mother (also in prison) whom she's never met. A bleak survival story with a twist.
52. The Glass House (1972, USA)
Novice college professor and novice kid thrown to the wolves, with pretty predictable results.
53. Midnight Express (1978, USA)
The film that made allusions to ending up in a Turkish prison so much more evocative than, say, a Swiss prison.
54. The Quare Fellow (1962, UK)
Anti-hanging drama based around two prison officers, one old, one new, the unseen man on death row, and that man's wife.
55. Convict Cowboy (1995, USA)
Old dog teaches new dog new tricks - rodeo style.
56. Scrubbers (1982, UK)
British borstal for girls - a companion piece for Scum.
57. McVicar (1980, UK)
First hand account of the prisoner-turned-journalist's 1968 escape from Durham Prison.
58. Bad Boys (1983, USA)
Dog-eat-dog juvenile detention story.
59. Nu Zi Jian Yu / Women Prison (1988, Hong Kong)
Entertaining women's movie that doesn't miss one cliche, and creates a few to boot.
60. The Big House (1930, USA)
The Big House is the Big Daddy of prison movies; arguably the first in the genre. Can still hold its own, too.
61. The Criminal (1960, UK)
Classical film charting the demise of old-fashioned British gangsterism.
62. Each Dawn I Die (1939, USA)
Cagney and Raft in one of the better (if over-engineered in dramatic content) pre-war prison flicks.
63. Under the Gun (1951, USA)
New York gangster cops 20 years in a Deep South prison farm, and sets out to scheme his way out.
64. Geschlecht in Fesseln / Sex in Chains (1928, Germany)
Silent film about prisoners' sexual desire which cries out for penal reform.
65. Penitentiary (1938, USA)
Out-of-place prisoner falls for the warden's daughter but when pushed, sides with the cons.
66. Mrs. Soffel (1984, USA)
Warden's wife willingly wuns away with a womanising wrongdoer.
67. Short Eyes (1977, USA)
A child molester is dropped into the midst of self-righteous inmates, with predictable results.
68. Maléfique (2002, France)
A self-revealing black magic book takes over the lives of the four inhabitants of a shared cell.
69. Ramchand Pakistani (2008, Pakistan)
Stunningly shot story of a Pakistani father and son held in an Indian jail for years after straying across the border.
70. Convicted (1950, USA)
Above-average tale of conflicting loyalties, the criminal code, and falling in love with the Warden's daughter.
71. Das Experiment (2001, Germany)
The pick of the esoteric university-research-into-prison-behaviour movie genre.
72. Within These Walls (2001, USA)
One nun + one closed-off old-timer + one dog-training program = one tear jerker.
73. Teen Deewarein / 3 Walls (2003, India)
A beautiful young filmmaker is at the centre of twists, turns and coincidences galore in a maximum security prison.
74. Shackles (2005, USA)
Prison movie genre meets teacher-works-with-tough-disadvantaged-students movie genre.
75. Fast-Walking (1982, USA)
Bent anti-hero guard faces big dilemma when two corrupt paths are in conflict with each other.
76. Le Party (1990, Canada)
Where would a prison concert be without drag queens, strippers and an escape bid?
77. Murder in the First (1994, USA)
Novice lawyer puts Alcatraz on trial after unreconstructed prisoner murders another on release from The Hole.
78. Goodbye Bafana (2007, Belgium / Ors)
Apartheid-supporting white guard and Nelson Mandela forge an enduring but unconvincing, overstated bond.
79. The Keeper (1995, USA)
Low budget tragedy involving a well-meaning guard and a Haitian prisoner.
80. The Pot Carriers (1962, UK)
Quintessentially British comedy-drama about day-to-day life in the nick.
81. Zonzon (1998, France)
A gritty film about three very different cellmates - with classic prison movie features.
82. Killer: A Journal of Murder (1996, USA)
A novice prison guard is drawn to an intelligent but brutal serial killer. Not sure why.
83. The Longest Yard (1974, USA)
The first of the Longest Yards, and a better gridiron movie than prison movie.
84. Felon (2008, USA)
Decent, regular guy is forced to survive in brutal prison. Now, there's an idea for a new movie!
85. Mean Machine (2001, UK)
Soccer's version of The Longest Yard.
86. Sense of Freedom (1979, UK)
Jimmy Boyle, Glasgow standover man, rails at the world. Violently, pointlessly.
87. The Longest Yard (2005, USA)
The second Longest Yard (or third if you count Mean Machine). Who thought a remake might be a good idea?
88. San Quentin (1937, USA)
Humphrey Bogart plays prisoner in a mediocre movie featuring an upright, if awfully conflicted, Captain of the Yard.
89. The Jericho Mile (1979, USA)
Includes the only prison warden on film to wear both a powder blue and an electric blue suit.
90. Two Way Stretch (1960, UK)
Peter Sellers comedy that in many ways anticipates the better-known Porridge series.
91. The Slams (1973, USA)
Entertaining '70s action flick which asks us to hope that a 9-time murderer gets away with the loot.
92. Lilies (1996, Canada)
Brave but flawed story of a Bishop held hostage in prison and made to confront his past.
93. I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932, USA)
Prisoner escapes, makes good, gets caught, goes back to jail, escapes. Can't go back in, can't live outside.
94. Girls in Prison (1956, USA)
A first time prisoner, the chaplain who believes in her, some missing loot... and an earthquake!
95. Locked Up: A Mother's Rage (1991, USA)
Tearjerker dealing with the impact of imprisonment on the families left behind.
96. The Birdman of Alcatraz (1962, USA)
Factually and geographically-challenged account of Robert Stroud's famous self-rehabilitation program
97. Diamond Geezer (2005, UK)
Old-fashioned comedy-drama involving an escape from prison to commit daring robbery, and then a break back in.
98. Fortress (1992, USA)
A futuristic prison and a hard-done-by prisoner. And the intestinator!
99. Everynight... everynight (1994, Australia)
Beatings aplenty in this film of the campaign to 'Stop the bash!' in Pentridge Prison's 'H' Division in the early '70s.
100. Ghosts... of the Civil Dead (1988, Australia)
A huge filmic swipe at 1980s 'new generation', 'electronic zoo', super-max prisons.
101. Animal Factory (2000, USA)
Young boy is taken under the wing of shaven-headed hard man. With only the purest of intent, it must be said.
102. Prison Song (2001, USA)
Depressing story highlighting the procession of African Americans wasting their lives in jail.
103. Lockdown (2000, USA)
Pretty standard, but watchable, innocent-man-in-a tough-prison flick.
104. Castle on the Hudson (1940, USA)
Remake of 20,000 Years in Sing Sing (1932), and perhaps the better of the two. Marginally.
105. Brokedown Palace (1999, USA)
Two women accused of drug smuggling protest innocence but don't seem to want to find the real culprit. If there is one. Odd.
106. Men Without Souls (1940, USA)
New prisoner, new prison chaplain and some new twists to old themes.
107. 20,000 Years in Sing Sing (1932, USA)
A celebration of hard-but-fair prison Wardens starring Spencer Tracy in the lead criminal role.
108. Conviction (2001, USA)
Average offering based on the true story of Carl Upchurch, prisoner turned defender of the downtrodden.
109. Brute Force (1947, USA)
Tough guy, bent on escape to see cancer-ridden girl, is frustrated by bent tough guard.
110. Go for Broke (2002, USA)
Some Like it Hot, prison-style. Well, not really, but you get the picture.
111. So Evil, So Young (1961, UK)
A wronged young woman is exculpated and a spiteful one gets her come-uppance in a girls' borstal.
112. Hoodwink (1981, Australia)
The con's con: convincing the system that he's blind.
113. Binecuvântată Fii, Închisoare / Bless You, Prison (2002, Romania)
A political prisoner is sustained in jail by her Christian faith and abhorrence of the communists.
114. Dead Leaves (2004, Japan)
Futuristic prison fable told in frenetic, furious anime.
115. Chicago (2002, USA)
Slick, cynical musical - with much-too-incidental prison bits.
116. Caged (1949, USA)
Redeemable teenager is slowly sucked into the criminal milieu and towards a life of crime.
117. Convict 99 (1938, UK)
A sacked headmaster finds himself a convict and a prison Governor, both by mistake.
118. Love Comes to the Executioner (2003, USA)
Darkish comedy with an executioner working at the jail where his brother and his true love are both on Death Row.
119. Hell's Highway (1932, USA)
Brotherly love on a chain gang.
120. Symetria / Symmetry (2003, Poland)
Prison innocent carefully, deliberately, embraces the prison culture.
121. Women's Prison (1955, USA)
Enjoyable 50s melodrama featuring a ruthless Superintendent and a good doctor.
122. Yield to the Night (1956, UK)
Diana Dors in a tense wait to see if her execution will be stayed. It's not. She becomes past tense.
123. Mean Dog Blues (1978, USA)
Innocent man in prison v Doberman Pinscher
124. Mickey B (2007, UK)
Worthy prison adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth, played by real prisoners in a real Northern Ireland jail.
125. Racing for Time (2007, USA)
Girls at a youth jail are transformed by a well run running program.
126. Undisputed II: Last Man Standing (2005, USA)
A better-than-average prison fight flick in a Russian nick.
127. The Last Mile (1959, USA)
Remake of the 1932 film of the same name. Death Row inmates revolt. Mickey Rooney stars.
128. Pros & Cons (1999, USA)
Average offering about two innocent men in prison. With maybe more cons than pros.
129. Gwangbokjeol Teuksa / Jail Breakers (2002, South Korea)
Try arranging these in the one sentence: madcap, South Korean, comedy. Doesn't work, does it?
130. Lik Wong / Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (1991, Hong Kong)
A blood-soaked story of corruption and vengeance that fortunately never takes itself seriously.
131. Release (2010, UK)
A defrocked gay priest and a Prison Officer get unfrocked together.
132. Condemned! (1929, USA)
Warden's wife and suave prisoner fall in love.
133. Borstal Boy (2000, UK / Ireland)
A pale shadow of the rollicking book on which it is based.
134. Female Prisoner #701 Scorpion (1972, Japan)
A wronged woman wreaks revenge, with plenty of cultish exploitative elements thrown in.
135. Half Past Dead (2002, USA)
Undercover FBI agent fights scores of intruders into a hi-tech Alactraz, and naturally wins.
136. Weeds (1987, USA)
A troupe of ex-cons from San Quentin take an amateurish prison production on the road.
137. Black Cat in Jail (2000, Hong Kong)
A women's bonding film featuring an assassin, a wrongly-imprisoned mother, a starlet and a vengeful wife.
138. Pardon Us (1931, USA)
Uneven Laurel & Hardy effort in what is thought to be the first ever full length full-length talkie prison comedy.
139. Penitentiary (1979, USA)
Early parole on offer to the prison's best boxer? Sounds reasonable.
140. Convicts 4 (1962, USA)
So-so 60's story of a 30's con who beats the chair in Sing Sing and through art finds his way out in the 40's.
141. Six Against the Rock (1987, USA)
Lo-fi account of the 48-hour 'Battle of Alcatraz' from May 1946.
142. Papillon (1973, USA)
Long and largely uninspired rendering of a vibrant book.
143. Men of San Quentin (1942, USA)
An unashamed propaganda film for prison reform and Warden Clinton T Duffy.
144. I Stefania (1966, Greece)
A 60s pot-boiler with a distinctly 30s feel.
145. Civil Brand (2002, USA)
Shoot 'em up women's prison revolt drama masquerading as a film with something serious to say about the exploitation of prisoners.
146. Hold 'Em Jail (1932, USA)
Wheeler & Woolsey find romance and a football match in prison, anticipating The Longest Yard series.
147. Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison (1951, USA)
Escape bids, murders, a brutal Warden... and a talking prison! What more could you want?
148. Redeemer (2002, USA)
Inoffensive story of a man's quest to be released after 20 years.
149. Canon City (1948, USA)
Pretty uninspiring account of the real life escape of 12 men from Colorado State Prison in 1947.
150. Maximum Security (1984, USA)
Episodes of a TV series spliced into a movie of a prisoner struggling to deal with his relationship with his dying father.
151. The Last Mile (1932, USA)
If you’re looking for a film that extols the virtues of the death penalty, this ain’t that film.
152. Con Air (1997, USA)
Ridiculous action flick in which squarehead prisoner saves all good people from all bad people.
153. Half Past Dead 2 (2007, USA)
Odd-couple heroes double-handedly defeat half the jail in order to protect their loved ones.
154. Last Light (1993, USA)
White prisoner, looked after on death row by a black guard, in a film that could have been much better.
155. Tracks (2004, USA)
Unsatisfying story of an abused, unlikeable teenager wrestles with his demons while in prison on a manslaughter charge.
156. Lock Up (1989, USA)
In a big surprise, Stallone plays Stallone.
157. Convict 13 (1921, USA)
20 minutes of silent slapstick, starring Buster Keaton as civilian, prisoner and guard - almost all at once.
158. Prison of Secrets (1997, USA)
Brave fish-out-of-water single-handedly brings down a nasty, corrupt regime in a women's prison.
159. Up the River (1930, USA)
Gentle comedy drama teaming Humphrey Bogart and Spencer Tracy for the only time.
160. Guilt by Association (2001, USA)
A widow unwittingly gets involved in her boyfriend's drug ring and cops 20 years under mandatory sentencing laws.
161. Hellgate (1952, USA)
A Western, an innocent man, and an underground prison.
162. Buckstone County Prison (1978, USA)
Derivative flick in which an enigmatic Native American prisoner vanishes and becomes a legend.
163. Elly Baly Balak (2003, Egypt)
A prisoner and the prison warden swap brains. Not high-brow, one suspects.
164. Stir Crazy (1980, USA)
Limp comedy revolving around two first timers, a rodeo, and an escape plot.
165. Prison on Fire 2 (1990, Hong Kong)
Curious blend of prison drama, comedy, fighting.. and a couple of songs for good measure.
166. Bandini / Imprisoned (1963, India)
Goody-two-shoes murderer has a much-too-complicated love life.
167. El Apando (1976, Mexico)
Deserves cult status, even if you can't understand a word.
168. Dogboys (1998, USA)
Nasty prison boss uses prison dogs nastily in a sort of nasty B Grade thriller.
169. Stoic (2009, USA)
Harrowing account of the torture and killing of a prisoner in a four-out cell.
170. Convicted Woman (1940, USA)
Innocent-woman-in-prison meets reformist-lawyer-turned-prison-warden.
171. Triple Trouble (1950, USA)
The Bowery Boys in their 19th in a series of 48. Formulaic? Never.
172. Life (1999, USA)
Two men spend 65 years in prison together for a crime they didn't commit. Ho ho ho!
173. Big Stan (2007, USA)
A one-joke comedy where the one joke doesn't cut it.
174. Buried Alive (1939, USA)
Massive melodrama: Four Suitors and an Execution.
175. Ladies of the Big House (1931, USA)
A love story involving an innocent newlywed couple who fight for their lives (one sort of literally) in prison.
176. State Penitentiary (1950, USA)
Part innocent-man-in-jail, part Nevada prison propaganda flick.
177. They Went That-A-Way & That-A-Way (1978, USA)
Two cops get stranded on an undercover assignment in a prison farm. And ought not be let out.
178. Unshackled (2000, USA)
Racist white man finds redemption and tolerance through sharing a cell with a black adversary.
179. The Second Hundred Years (1927, USA)
20 minutes of pretty standard Laurel & Hardy fare.
180. Carne de Presidio (1952, Mexico)
Upstanding man struggles in prison.
181. Down Time (2001, USA)
Realistic look at prison life that forgets that real doesn't always equal interesting.
182. La Furia / The Fury (1997, Argentina)
Judge's son lands in prison, and judge ensures his own imprisonment by helping him escape. I think.
183. In Hell (2003, USA)
An awful exercise in American chauvinism from a Chinese director and Belgian actor.
184. Mutiny in the Big House (1939, USA)
Unabashed tribute to all prison-reforming, riot-quelling prison chaplains.
185. Let's Go to Prison (2006, USA)
Lacklustre comedy about getting back at a judge by making his wrongly convicted son's time in jail more difficult.
186. Buy & Cell (1988, USA)
Mediocre flick in which an innocent broker turns his prison into a money-making corporation.
187. Back by Midnight (2002, USA)
Rodney Dangerfield as a private prison warden with a novel way of raising funds. Just not very funny.
188. Prison Nurse (1937, USA)
Prison nurse falls for prison doctor. Only problem: prison doctor is a prisoner.
189. The Hoose-Gow (1929, USA)
Laurel & Hardy start a rice fight. That's as good as it gets.
190. Condition Red (1995, USA / Finland)
Correctional Officer breaks free from tawdry existence by having an affair with a prisoner and helping her escape.
191. Johnny Greyeyes (2000, Canada)
Second-rate pic of a Native Canadian prisoner in love with her cellmate and trying to keep her family together.
192. Broken Bars (1995, USA)
Undercover-cop-in-prison movie meets pony-tailed-action-man movie.
193. Prison Mutiny (1943, USA)
Absurd prison reform flick where an exonerated playboy convict becomes a riot-busting guard.
194. Atrapadas / Condemned to Hell (1984, Argentina)
Retro 1970s-style women's prison shocker; good guys, bad guys, and a chance to nastily avenge some nastiness.
195. Death Warrant (1990, USA)
Jean-Claude Van Damme plays an undercover cop in a maximum-security prison in a film with a maximum of ordinariness.
196. Green Street Hooligans 2 (2009, USA)
Pathetically-scripted drama about brawling rival British soccer hooligans in prison, filmed in a Californian dust-bowl.
197. Ladies They Talk About (1932, USA)
Tough Barbara Stanwyck plays a tough gangster moll being tough in one of the earliest Women-in-Prison movies.
198. Doing Life (1986, Canada)
Low-budget, mediocre, vaguely true story about a cop killer who studies law in prison.
199. Behind Prison Gates (1939, USA)
Stunningly ludicrous undercover-cop-in-prison story.
200. Doing Hard Time (2004, USA)
Inane father-seeks-to-avenge-his-son's-death-in-prison movie.
201. Ernest Goes to Jail (1990, USA)
Unfunny addition to the Ernest stable.
202. Girls in Chains (1943, USA)
Very ordinary Goodies v Baddies flick in which the hairdos steal the show.
203. 13 Dead Men (2003, USA)
Awful flick in which a corrupt warden tortures a Death Row inmate who has a secret stash of diamonds.
204. Evasive Action (1998, USA)
Very mediocre re-run of Con Air, this time on a train. Not sure why they didn't call it Con Rail.
205. Numbered Men (1930, USA)
Part love story, part revenge story, part honor system story. And pretty feeble at that.
206. There was a Crooked Man... (1970, USA)
Lame western; long on length, short on everything that would make it watchable, like wit.
207. Jacktown (1962, USA)
Lame 60s story of a would-be tough-guy's rocky path to redemption via the Warden and his daughter.
208. Unspeakable (2002, USA)
Speakably bad Silence of the Lambs-ish psychological thriller.
209. Big House Bunny (1950, USA)
Bugs Bunny. Yosemite Sam. Prison. 7 Minutes. Enough said.
210. Club Fed (1990, USA)
Woeful comedy about a luxurious minimum security prison for the wealthy.
211. Stuck! (2009, USA)
Forgettable visual tribute to women-in-prison films of a forgotten era.
212. Live by the Fist (1992, Philippines / USA)
Woeful innocent-man-on-brutal-prison-island flick.
213. El Escape De Los Santos (2005, USA)
In this film, low-budget really does equal low-quality.
214. Der Heiße Tod / 99 Women (1969, UK / West Germany / Spain / Italy)
Terrible, terrible saga of ninety-nine women imprisoned in a corrupt island prison.
215. The Boys of Cellblock Q (1992, USA)
Awfully acted,awfully low-budget gay spoof of the prison movie genre.
216. Maximum Security (1997, USA)
A bomb of a movie about a bomb placed in a virtually empty prison.
217. Hell Hole (1983, Indonesia / Philippines)
Young woman is tricked into sexual slavery, put in prison and degraded. Viewer is just degraded.
218. 15 to Life (2002, USA)
Nine dangerous prisoners escape. We follow them, unfortunately.

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8.5 (10,128 Oy)

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Amerikan Sineması

Kayıt: 10.10.2010
İletiler: 1458

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The Shawshank Redemption
The Shawshank Redemption
Suç / Dram142 dk

Yönetmen: Frank Darabont
Stephen King imzasıyla 7 dalda Oscar adaylığı olan Shawsank Hapishanesi; genç ve zeki bir bankacı olan Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins), kendisini aldatan karısını ve O'nun sevgilisini öldürdüğü suçlamasıyla yargılanmaktadır. Tüm itirazlarına rağmen suçsuz...
9.3 (1,954,728 Oy)

En önemlilerinden birini unuttun gibime geldi. Hehehehe

İletiTarih: 20 Şubat 2011 00:02
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Kayıt: 11.07.2010
İletiler: 767

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unutmadım. o herkesin bildiği bir film.ama bu tarz filmler içinde şahsi görüşüm en iyisi esaretin bedeli değil.papilon ve Le Trou ayrıca the hill 1965 daha iyi bence

The Hill
The Hill
Dram / Savaş123 dk

Yönetmen: Sidney Lumet
II. Dünya Savaşı sırasında, Kuzey Afrika'da bir İngiliz cezaevinde, İngiliz mahkumlar, çok sert koşullar ve daha da sert gardiyanlarla uğraşmaktadır. Er Joe Robert -bir subaya fiziksel saldırı suçundan dolayı baş çavuşluktan alınan ve hapse atılan- için...
7.9 (9,533 Oy)

İletiTarih: 20 Şubat 2011 00:07
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Avrupa Sineması

Kayıt: 30.06.2009
İletiler: 252
Şehir: Istanbul

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Derleme için teşekkürler, ellerine sağlık.

İletiTarih: 20 Şubat 2011 21:39
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Bruce Lee Sineması

Kayıt: 20.07.2012
İletiler: 2496
Şehir: Wall Street
Yaş: 21 Aslan

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Starred Up
Starred Up
Suç / Dram106 dk

Yönetmen: David Mackenzie
Ödüllü psikoterapist Jonathan Asser’ın kaleminden beyaz perdeye uyarlanan Yüksek Risk, A Prophet / Yeraltı Peygamberi’nden sonra çekilen en iyi hapishane filmi olarak görülüyor. Sahiden de, insanın gözünü kırpmadan izlediği, sarsıcı ve hiç beklenmedik...
7.4 (37,276 Oy)

İletiTarih: 18 Eylül 2014 11:17
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Kayıt: 04.02.2014
İletiler: 821

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Daha derli toplu görmek isteyenler için: Çok Seviyor

İletiTarih: 18 Eylül 2014 11:56
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Yıldıray GENÇ

Kayıt: 20.08.2010
İletiler: 341
Şehir: 51 Pegasi b
Yaş: 23 Başak

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Muhteşem bir diziyi ekleyelim...

Suç / Dram / Gerilim55 dk

Yönetmen: Adam Bernstein, Alex Zakrzewski, Nick Gomez
Oswald Hapishanesi'ne hoş geldiniz... Ama Oz adıyla da bilinen bu özel hapishaneye adım attığınzda, 'hoş bulduk' demek de biraz zorlanacaksınız; çünkü Oz'da sınır tanımayan, sert olaylara tanıklık edecek ve mahkûmlarla gardiyanların nasıl bir psikolojiye...
8.8 (76,756 Oy)

İletiTarih: 11 Nisan 2015 15:39
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